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What is galvanized sheet?

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What is galvanized sheet?


Zinc coating prevents corrosive materials from reaching the underlying steel or iron, prevents corrosion of metals, and increases the strength of the coated steel profoundly.
A galvanized coating can last more than 70 years without maintenance.
Zinc is the only material that gives this ability to the underlying metal.
Galvanized steel is a good alternative to stainless steel.
If the coating is scratched and damaged, the underlying steel will still be protected and will not rust.
Advantages of using galvanized sheet
Galvanized sheet has many advantages, especially in construction. Here are some of the benefits:

Long service life: If galvanized sheets are used in environments with high corrosion rates, they will last between 20 and 70 years. Of course, these years depend on the degree to which the steel is exposed to corrosive substances.
Lower cost: As mentioned, the molten steel adheres well to each other and produces a very durable product; As a result, the galvanizing method is less expensive to maintain than other methods used to prevent rust. Compared to other steel products, the initial cost of this product may seem high, but its implementation is the best option for most contractors due to its long-term investment (ie, it does not require maintenance in the long run).
Easy inspection: Since the structures must be inspected annually, the inspection method will be very important. Galvanized sheets can be easily and visually inspected without the need for special testing, and it does not cost much to test and test its quality.
Hardness: Galvanized is one of the toughest protective coatings on the market. This means that in addition to being resistant to rust, they are also safe from damage during transport.
Ease of cleaning: These products can be sprayed with alkaline water and wiped with a soft cloth if necessary.
Resource saving: Galvanized steel is one of the most durable and highly stable products. The same molten bath used to make galvanized sheet can be used over and over again.
High adaptability and reliability: These products are made in full compliance with international standards, so they have high reliability.

What is the useful life of galvanized sheet?
It takes a long time for the galvanized sheet to break or rust. As mentioned above, the useful life of this sheet is between 20 to 30 years; But if it is dry and away from rain (no matter how it is produced), it can stay healthy forever. Galvanized steel intended for long-term outdoor use should be made of hot-dip galvanized steel (or molten steel bath with zinc metal), which usually lasts up to 70 years in different environments.

Of course, painting can be used to further extend the life of galvanized steel to further protect the sheet in environments where the rust rate of the elements is very high or so-called highly corrosive. Of course, make sure that the surface is clean, dry and free of any contaminants, including zinc salt and any chromate solution before painting. This can be done using a metal washer and ventilator.

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